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GUTTER CLEANING – INSPECTION - REPAIR SERVICES - property restoration services


GUTTER CLEANING – INSPECTION - REPAIR SERVICES - property restoration servicesGutter Cleaning Edinburgh, Inspection & Repair Services! Property Restoration Services  have a specialist team of Roofing Contractors dedicated to gutter cleaning Edinburgh and throughout Central Scotland .
Specialising in the cleaning and repairing of guttering, our operatives will remove all debris – from leaves to bird mess, general rubbish and the like – allowing rainwater to flow freely.
The Importance of regular gutter cleaning
It is vital to clean out guttering regularly, as the knock on effects can prove quite costly. Because they are at high level, and difficult to reach and inspect, many people take the view “Out of sight, out of mind”, but in the long term this can prove a false economy.
If rainwater cannot run freely off of the roof, it can cause water to become backed up and seep into the fabric of the building, causing damp problems. If left unchecked, the dampness can accelerate, leading to deterioration of the building fabric, as well as requiring internal redecoration. If water backs up and enters the roof space, over a prolonged time – if left unchecked – structural roof timbers can start to rot (particularly in older buildings), leading to massive repair costs.
In addition, with uPVC and cast iron gutters, the weight of debris coupled with standing or backed up water, can cause it to pull it’s fixings out, and start to come away from the building, causing a potential hazard to passers by and the occupants.
Notwithstanding the potential damage to a building, blocked and overflowing gutters & down pipes look unsightly and can allow rainwater to flow straight over them, on to the public below.
Gutter Repairs
GUTTER CLEANING – INSPECTION - REPAIR SERVICES - property restoration servicesIf our operatives detect any damage that requires repair during the gutter cleaning process, we will advise and quote you accordingly. Often, it is much more cost effective to repair damage while we are on site, than to get someone in at a later date, thereby saving you money.
It can be quite difficult to see some types of gutters – such as concealed parapets – which are obscured from ground view. Often the leadwork & flashings can become deteriorated over time, due to exposure to the elements and shrinkages caused by change in heat through the seasons, or even from bird and rodent damage.Brickwork to parapets or walls around gutters can sometimes need repointing, after prolonged erosion from the elements.
With our gutter cleaning edinburgh service, you not only benefit from a complete cleaning service but also get piece of mind knowing that they have been visually inspected.

Gutter Cleaning Edinburgh, Inspection & Repair Services!

All our gutter cleaning Edinburgh work is fully Guaranteed for a period of 12 months, for your complete peace of mind.

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